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So what exactly is The Sunday Morning Drive®?


Every week, The Sunday Morning Drive® is syndicated to hundreds of radio stations around the US and in 14 other countries!


Since its start In 2010, the show has grown from one local radio station (KADI-FM) to over 150 stations. The host of the show is Brenton Miles, a singer/songwriter and worship leader from Springfield, MO. Over the past five years he has transitioned from a full time worship pastor to pursue writing songs and traveling with Cor Captis and producing a podcast (Reverse Podcast) with his Executive Producer and band mate Bryant Urich.


With each of their history in radio and worship leading, they combine their passion for leading worship, radio, and love for music to produce a show that is exciting, fresh, engaging with listeners, and facilitates the worship experience for people driving to and from church every week, much like a worship leader picks songs for a worship set, Brenton and Bryant pick songs for TSMD®